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Life Insurance

Your most important asset is your life, so make sure you protect it with quality life insurance! There are many different types of coverage to choose from:

Level Term Coverage: Life coverage for 10, 20, and 30 year terms, these policies are generally structured for a certain purpose. This can be varied, but most are used to protect a mortgage or debt obligation (term varies with the length of the note) , raise a family (20 years gets them out of the house), or protect an income from suddenly stopping (what would happen to me if my husband died?)

Whole Life Coverage. Generally whole life is purchased when a person is very young and designed to be paid for the “whole life”. The premium never goes up and the policy has a cash value if needed. Most children's policies are whole life policies, and are written for a small death benefit. These policies are considered to be an asset that a person carries thru life, with basic coverage for burial or final needs, and a little extra!

Universal Life Coverage. Universal Life coverage has flexible death benefit and flexible premium arrangements. These are used for changing needs and can be structured to cover many family members and to accumulate cash. They are also commonly used to fund business buy-sell agreements or to protect a valuable employee.

Diability Income. Protect your earning power!! If you cannot work, but you're not dead, this coverage is for you!! We can design a custom program to fit your individual needs.

Remember, we are life insurance experts and ranked #9 over the last 15 years as one of the NATIONS top 10 producers of life insurance for Auto Owners Life Insurance Company.

Let us help you decide which life insurance product is right for you!